Goswami Sandeep Sharma has been practicing numerology for the past 12 years. His area of specialization has been compatibility between life partners and business partners. Sandeep has been associated with different big corporate for his unique counseling skill with their senior management and they take his regular consultancy for their recruitment activities based on his deep knowledge of Numerology. Sandeep is a very spiritual person. His spirituality, simplicity and intuitive nature make him very special for his clients and they find him very close to God. Sandeep feels that Numerology is an ongoing study. He is always learning in order to remain proficient at his craft. Sandeep's in-depth studying of Numerology has brought him a well earned and devoted following. His wisdom and knowledge gives him acknowledgement all over world. He serves clients in the UK, U.S., France, India, Canada and Dubai. Sandeep is widely travels to meet with his clients for face to face consultations. Sandeep is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi and English.

His clientele comes from very diverse backgrounds. According to Sandeep ,there are several hundred thousand combinations that can be calculated, any two people of the same birth date cannot be exactly the same as far as fame, fortune, luck and personal growth. The time, date and place of birth in addition to a person's name can reveal all aspects of a person's true character. Sandeep’s knowledge and the way of his deliverance makes him very popular among all ages of people, students finds him a guide, professionals find him a man with the solution of their obstacles and the senior people find him a man who delivers peace. He delivers and suggests the message of solution, peace and the way to success in such a simple way that makes him very popular among all his clients.